Order-Nr.: 80.14.810



KNX Multi-Sensor-Controller,


KNX - Multi-Sensor-Controller - constant light control


The controller has the same functions as the Multi-Sensor IBMSD, it can however be connected with 6 IBMSD sensors for the extension of the range of motion detection. The sensors are not including the IBMSD control electronic. This is included in the controller IBMSC-NV. Its switch capacity is 16A. If one sensor recognizes a presence lighting in the range of detection of all connected sensors is switching ON. Each sensor identifies ‚his’ light level, and all connected sensors are computing a mixed light level which is the light level being kept constant. Optional the functions ‚presence detection’ or ‚daylight dependent constant light control’ can be eliminated through the ETS software so that just one function is active. The sensors are wired in a conventional mode. Optional the range of detection also can be extended with the combination of up to 64 IBMSD Multi-Sensor-Controls at the KNX bus.