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Order-Nr.: 90.10.200


The AQStation UNIVERSAL is a 3 channel Wi-Fi Controler with combination interfaces (0-10V/1-10V) and 10A switches. DIN rail mount.



Network connected via ethernet cableNetwork connected via Wi-Fi3 channel0-10V Interface1-10V InterfaceLoad contact (µ)ON/OFFlight bulbfluorescent bulbLED lightVentilationElectric heating


The AQStation Universal is a LAN/Wi-Fi-based control device for three circuits. Each circuit has a combination interface (0-10 V + 3mA / 1-10V - 100mA) and a 10A volt-free relay output. The three circuits are independently controllable. The in-house LAN/Wi-Fi is used as a bus system. This enables the use of off-the-shelf smartphones and tablet computers running on Android or iOS to control and visualise AQStation devices. The combination interface is suitable for the control of all ALTOQUICK load dimmers, the DALI converter DC NV and all off-the-shelf ECGs with 1-10 V interface. The AQStation Universal can be controlled with its integrated keypad, peripheral push-button panels or the relevant AQStation App. For more information about the visualisation, scenes, groups and timer functions, see the AQStation App description available from www.altenburger.de or www.aqstation.de.

Dimming, turning on/off
In the "OFF" mode, the load is disconnected through relays (µ load contact, function separation). In the "OFF" mode, the 0-10 V/1-10 V interface goes dark (0 or 1V). Using the App and the control keys, you can adjust the interfaces between 0 and 100%. The control push-buttons have the following functions: On/Off/Brighter/Darker

Connectible loads
At ohmic load, a switching capacity of 10A can be used. Otherwise cos φ is taken into account.


Technical Data:

Designation AQStation Universal
Type AQS Universal
Order Number 90.10.200
Supply Voltage 110V-240V AC 50/60HZ, DC not allowed
Protection external 6A, internal microfuse
Mounting form DIN rail housing
Dimensions, weight WxHxD=175 x 83.5 x 58 mm, approx. 200 gr.
Internal displays

1x green LED (Wi-Fi mode)

3x green LED (switch mode) on control push-buttons

Internal controls

3x push-buttons for the manual control (on/off)

1x reset push-button (factory settings, including Wi-Fi)

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 802.11n
LAN RJ45, 100-MBit-Ethernet (Fast Ethernet)
Operating temperature 0°C … +35°C
Power consumption < 2 W
Protection class II (protective isolation)
Protection category IP 20
Degree of contamination 2 (dry non-conductive)
Load contact (µ) 3x max. 10A at 230V ohmic load
Interface 3 x combination interface 0-10V + 3mA/1-10V - 100mA
Qualification CE, RoHS, WEEE


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