Data privacy statement

The AQStation app stores the following information:
Username and password
Logging out will erase this data in the AQStation app.
The AQStation app does not transmit data to third parties.


The following information is stored in the AQStation devices:
Username, Password, Network Information, Time Zone and GPS Coordinates
Resetting to the factory settings will erase this data.
A transmission of the data to third parties does not take place.


The AQStation app does not collect and store user data or information from your smartphone or tablet.
No data will be transmitted to third parties.
The AQStation app uses only local data but requires access to the WLAN to display notifications in the app.
The AQStation app accesses subsequent service of the smartphone or tablet:
Memory, WiFi, motion sensor, GPS, clock
There is no storage or transmission of this data to third parties.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. The up-to-date version of this Privacy Policy will be available on this website.  You are encouraged to periodically review this Privacy Policy to stay informed of updates. You will be deemed to have been made aware of, will be subject to, and will be deemed to have accepted the changes in any revised Privacy Policy by your continued use of the AQStation App after the date such revised Privacy Policy is posted.

Apple App Store/Google Play Store

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the third-party online/mobile store from which you install the Application, which may also collect and use data about you.  We are not responsible for any of the data collected by any such third party.


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